About Us

First off: What is an Extrovert?

From our perspective here at Total Extroverts, an 'extrovert' and 'being extroverted' is a state of mind more so than your reported personality type. Are you introverted? Ambiverted? Great! We simply feel that being extroverted is a way you can act, dress and conduct yourself in order to meet new people, open new doors, and be a bolder, more unique YOU!

Total Extrovert was started in 2017 by a group of, well..... Extroverts! We noticed that by being social, participating in meetup groups, networking events, and other similar activities, positive things started happening around us. A newfound interest in personality-type reporting really had us thinking more so about designing and creating clothing around this idea.

So why do we sell our clothing and designs around this idea? We really hope one of our products can bring value to you. We hope it leads to a great conversation, new client, job possibly, or new best friend! Who knows! We hope we created a new interest for you and a desire to 'Be Extroverted!'

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Logo: We came up with this idea as a design for our logo as we really wanted to create a look and feel of what a 'Total Extrovert' is in our mind. Here are the main attributes we came up with:


-Catalyst for Growth

-People Promoter

We hope you identify with Total Extroverts. Feel free to send us an email at any time!