You Might Be an "Ambivert" if....

You Might Be an "Ambivert" if....

The Myers-Briggs test, Personalysis, Ennegram, you name it, are all becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. And although they all provide invaluable feedback by helping you understand your personality type better, you still might find yourself at odds determining what your type is in a category or more. If this category is in the Extroverted-Introverted pairing, you'll want to read further.

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If you feel like you could some days be an introvert and others an extrovert, and have no idea what the word 'ambivert' even means, you aren’t the only one. Adam Grant, from the Wharton School, conducted a research study published in the Psychological Science that suggests a different personality type, called ambivert, comes out quite often for certain people, especially in the sales process. He goes on to predict that those who are able to use this balanced personality type, ambiverts, will even perform better in their role. (You can read more about this study here).

Some days you may feel like a 'total extrovert' while other days may seem more like a 'See how many people I can avoid eye contact with' kind of day. It depends and you're not alone.

"There is no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert. Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum". ~ Carl G Jung


ambivert you don’t perfectly fit the mold of introvert or extrovert, there’s an alternative. You may be an ambivert at times, which means you don't always show your introvert or extrovert behavior, rather, you fall in the middle at times.

Does this give you an advantage?

Yes, and for two reasons:

1. One component of maturity is reaching the understanding of both scales of personality types. If you're already there when your 'ambivert' personality is on display, you should have an easier time understanding extroverts & introverts.

2. More connections. Not only will you understand others better (or should be able to), but they'll be more likely to feel comfortable with you. Being able to tell yourself you're coming on too strong around an introvert or keeping to yourself too much with an extrovert will give you a much more flexible presence about yourself.

Does this sound like you? Here are a few ways to know if you have this 'Ambivert Advantage' we've discussed:.

1. Your personality test results don’t exactly pinpoint you. Maybe you’ve taken the MBTI, and you get different results each time. ENFP? INTJ?(Ok, let's hope not that extreme) Or perhaps your test results are 50/50, and you don’t know where you really fall. If you don’t feel like you fit in the traditional extrovert/introvert definition, there’s a good chance you fall somewhere in the middle.

2. You love to be outgoing, but you also need to recharge (alone time). This may not be speaking in general about you, maybe it just depends on the time of day or exact night in question. Some days you're the life of the party, other times you don't want part of that  type of life. Whatever the day is (or time of day), you may be showing off your ambivert throughout the week, day, and hour.

3. You've been told you have a flexible personality. Assessing your friends right now, do you feel like a good amount of them are a mix of introverts and extroverts? Do they equally enjoy spending time with you? Have you been told, "You always listen", or , "I love that I can bring you to meet other groups of friends". All good signs you turn on your ambivert quite often.

4. People aren't surprised which type you show up with: One week you're all in everyone's inbox, the next you're on a missing person's report. Those who know you best aren't surprised either way.

5. Some days you think teamwork is fun, others you want to be alone (think more in school/work settings). How do you prefer to work? Does it depend? If you struggle working with others, or at least like to listen to viewpoints and discuss them, there's a good reason to believe you are an introvert. Extroverts feel quite the opposite, relying on the boost of energy they get when discussing with team members on a common vision or project. When you go back and forth, it's a god sign you like to be 'ambiverted' in the sense that you enjoy equal parts alone and team time.

6. You’re equal parts playful and deep. You love to joke. You love serious conversations. You . If you can’t settle on whether you’re witty or wise (and perhaps you struggle to come up with the perfect social media bio to reflect your personality), chances are you’re both — and you’re being an ambivert depending on which one is on display.

So while different theories persist, we don't necessarily believe people stay in a constant ambivert state. Eventually people go back to their extrovert or introvert comfort zone, bringing out the ambivert depending on what their situation calls for. Somewhere in the middle range on this quiz? There's a good chance you were feeling ambiverted while taking it !

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