The Perfect Vacation Cities -  Extrovert Edition (MBTI)

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The Perfect Vacation Cities - Extrovert Edition (MBTI)

Here’s Where You Should Vacation To - Based On Your Extrovert MBTI Type

Cities are all very different from eachother, much like different Extrovert types. An ESFP, for example, may enjoy a day full of lounging, city exploring, or jumping on a random train and taking it to an unknown destination. An ENTJ? A day like this might have them on edge and wondering when the next flight home is. What do you think? comment below and let us know if these cities match your extrovert type!

ESTP – Venice, Italy

ESTP types, how does this city sound for you? Tons of great food, coffee, and activity options, beautiful, safe, and fun to get lost in? We thought you might like it! Venice is the ultimate city to get lost in and feel spontaneous. The energy of the people will invigorate you, There are a never ending amount of places to see here, from the maze of canals connecting eachother, to the film-set beauty at nearly each street corner. Why havn't you been yet?

If you've ever wanted to just head out for a night on the town with no plans, no worries about needing to organize your transportation, and just enjoy the fine detail of the food, architecture, and dress surrounding you- ESTPs, you've found your match!

Second choice: Vancouver, Canada

ESFP – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

What words better describe an ESFP than outgoing, friendly, and love? This is the perfect place for ESFPs, especially in the summer months! ESFPs are know to adapt to new people and environments with no problem as well. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

If you're an ESFP who also enjoys music and partying, you will enjoy every minute of this place. Brazilians are generally very warm and open people who love newcomers. The sensory-oriented preference in you will gaze upon the beautiful sights and sounds of the city with awe. We expect a postcard later this year.

Second choice: Costa Rica

ENFP – Cape Town, South Africa

ENFPs will appreciate the feeling of the moment more so than the imagery and what appeals to their senses. Add in a flexible schedule and you're halfway there. Cape Town may be the perfect travel destination for an ENFP as it doesn't demand a strict, scheduled type of trip, nor is there any shortage of deep, significant opportunities to learn about history, nature, and culture.

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ENFPs will greatly appreciate the sights and sounds here, but might be even raving more about what kind of impression and long-lasting feel they had while visiting Cape Town. Another good thing about Cape Town? There are so many options that improvising is always on the safe list here.

Second choice: Istanbul, Turkey

ENTJ – New York, USA

ENTJs might be the one type to completely overlook the sights and sounds NYC has to offer, so why did we choose them for such a spectacle of a city? Well, the actual boom, growth, symbolism, and feel of the place might be a good starting point for you.


New York City stands for a lot in the USA, as well as the world. It is thought of as maybe the biggest powerhouse in all of the world on a financial level. This alone is enough to get an ENTJ all excited about progress, prosperity, and being efficient. Expect visits to the New York Stock Exchange and other ways to feel closer to the action on a deeper level than simply seeing it. ENTJs will want to be where the high and mighty types are, and might be looking for a cool rooftop lounge to strike up a conversation with one as well.

Second choice: Singapore

ESFJ – Gold Coast, Australia

ESFJs want to see happy people, harmony and a liveliness about the place. That's why the Gold Coast is the perfect place to travel to for an ESFJ! Expect a little bit of touristy attractions here, but there are a lot of hidden places to get an ESFJ excited about. The sensory-preference will bring out a lot of thrill for you as there are a lot of great views to take in as well.

While we don't want to call an ESFJ a laid-back type of traveler, there is a certain mix of hustle and bustle here, as well as a few spots to enjoy the view. The constant flux of tourists and people coming in will excite an ESFJ as well.

Second choice: Charleston, South Carolina, United States

ENFJ – Åarhus, Denmark

Considered one of the happiest places in the world, Åarhus boasts a happy population, thriving economy, and genuinely friendly people, not to mention a lot to do and keep you busy. This is certainly one of those feel-good places you will travel to with more than just stories to tell, expect fun nights out with the locals, friendly tour guides, and an open door policy at establishments there.

ENFJs will have no difficulties striking up a conversation with the locals here and making new international friends. The vibrant mix of different nationalities all eager to explore this newly-established tourist hotspot will make this a fun place to people watch as well.

Second choice: Auckland, New Zealand

ESTJ – Tokyo, Japan

This one could be tough, until you think about an ESTJ on their typical day: Logical, efficient, organized, and quick. We can think of none other image than Tokyo and it's orderly, structured 'organized chaos' of a city. ESTJs will marvel at how smoothly everything runs and the orderly nature of it's people, they might even feel inspired to step things up a notch.


Aside from the organized structure of Tokyo, an ESTJ will be sure to appreciate the endless amounts of food options, shopping, and nightlife Tokyo has to offer. Tokyo 2020, anyone?


Second choice: Amsterdam, Netherlands

ENTP – London, England

An ENTP will need to have tons of options, and are most captivated by the energy and buzz of what's around them more so than just the sights and sounds. The history and endless amounts of things to do in London day or night should keep an ENTP quite satisfied.


ENTPs will appreciate the variety of London's citizens and leisure options. The city is filled with history at every turn, something that will captivate an ENTP big time. Nightlife options aplenty here as well.

Second choice: Seoul, South Korea

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