Perfect Icebreaker Activity: Extrovert & Introvert Splitting

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Perfect Icebreaker Activity: Extrovert & Introvert Splitting

You have your MBTI Results... Now what to do?

  • Requirements:

    • Reported Personality Types for each participant (recommended MBTI Report)
    • 10-12 people (at least) with no less than 4 reported Introverts or Extroverts

Not sure what to do with the MBTI Results you've collected for your class or training group? Are you conducting a classroom event and you're looking for a perfect way to energize them after handing out their results?

If you fall into this category, or you simply want to engage your audience and find a way to get them to understand their Extroversion & Introversion ways in a more interactive manner, this is a perfect way to do so!

Get your participants up and moving. Have them locate their type and with a show of hands, call out the introverts.... followed by the extroverts. This is a great way to build teambuilding and greater communication between the participants in the room!


How you conduct the next part is specifically up to you, but the recommended (and tested) method is below. Yes, even introverts appreciate this interactive, social activity as a way to understand and really see the extroversion/introversion in themselves and others around them.


Step 1:

Form groups of all Es and all Is

Have the Es and Is stand at opposite corners of the room.

Step 2:

In each group, create 3-5 questions that you want to ask your opposite types to help you understand them better (spend no more than 5-7 minutes during this step)

Remember: The Goal is to help understand them better. Not criticize.

Step 3:

Pick a spokesperson to ask the questions.

Step 4:

Reflect and Open Discussion. Make sure to discuss the major takeaways and lessons that were learned about this activity.

Wow! So what do you think? Better yet, let's hear your results after you've tried out your activity! This activity results in a lot of great discussions and questions being held, naturally. Even better, when done to improve teamwork, opposite types start to realize that annoyances or what they considered weaknesses from their opposites types are now better understood.

What have you learned from your opposite type that has helped give you more insight? Comment below or post on our Facebook page!

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