Entrepreneurial Strengths by Type - Extrovert Edition

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Entrepreneurial Strengths by Type - Extrovert Edition


Extroverts have a unique advantage over introverts when embarking on an entrepreneurial path. For one, their overall level of comfort when engaging in social interactions with others naturally lifts their energy level, which can be crucial in times of rejection and setbacks. Another is their openness to collaborate, take outside opinion on work, and discuss their progress and performance with others.

What other strengths do Extroverted Entrepreneurs possess?

Let's look at each type to find out:

ENTJ - The Director

ENTJs (extroversion, intuition, thinking, judgment) tend to view themselves as tenacious, driven and hardworking, most notably. An ENTJ entrepreneur who is passionate about their purpose can really be resilient towards seeing success.


  • Strong determination, resiliency, and tenacity
  • Organizing other people
  • Strong Social Skills
  • Organized, Structured, Sound
  • Strong Problem-solvers
  • Hardly procrastinate

Opportunities to Get Better:

  • Easy to go down 'rabbit holes'
  • Unaware of attitude towards others' at times
  • Needs strong trust network, confidence in other employees
  • Aggressive towards goals, to the point where it can be overkill
  • Want it 'their way'

Famous ENTJ Entrepreneur: Bill Gates

bill gates-entj-entrepreneur-totalextrovert

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ESTJ - The Supervisor

ESTJs (extroversion, sensing, thinking, judgment) loves order and structure. Simply being referred to as the boss is gratifying for an ESTJ, as is the freedom. ESTJ types tend to be outgoing and demonstrate a strong work ethic as well.


  • Outgoing, shares ideas
  • Orderly, gives clear direction
  • Strong work ethic
  • Matter of fact viewpoint
  • Approaches problems with logical reason
  • Consistent, decisive
  • Determined to get results

Opportunities to Get Better:

  • Personal obligations sometimes can be distracting
  • Unaware of attitude towards others' at times
  • Can be blunt at times
  • Can be very difficult to work with if stubborn and unappreciative of outside opinions

Famous ESTJ Entrepreneur: Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx


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ESTP - The Activist

ESTPs (extroversion, sensing, thinking, perceiving) make for great entrepreneurs. One reason is that they naturally dislike a structured environment that does not encourage too much creativity. The exact opposite type of environment for an ESTP Type is a 9-5 workday with structured breaks and lunches, lots of meetings, and focused, tedious work. Again, the opposite for an ESTP. Bring on the risk-taking and 'go for it' approach!

So what strengths does an ESTP bring to an entrepreneurial position? Let's look at just a few:


  • FUN, risky, Let's 'go for it!' approach
  • Generally positive, optimistic when succeeding
  • Feel worrying is a waste of energy
  • Materialistic
  • Energized by new experiences, injects energy into teams & processes if strong belief exists
  • Hands-on, likes to promote others
  • Notices small details well

Opportunities to Get Better:

  • Needs to be checked at times, are they promoting a 'job well done'?
  • Risks can lead to setbacks if not thorough
  • Easily distracted, sometimes easily bored (biggest downfall)
  • Tends to domineer and quiet types may feel shunned or unimportant around them'
  • Are they thinking about past? Future? Make sure to also learn and think ahead.

Famous ESTP Entrepreneur: Angelina Jolie


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ESFP - The Adventurer (Performer)

ESFPs (extroversion, sensing, feeling, perception) definitely prefer a fun, unpredictable type of entrepreneurial ride. They are usually some of the most fun bosses to have, but if you prefer solid ground to stand on with a clear future, an ESFP might be the last person you want to work for.

So what strengths does an ESTP bring to an entrepreneurial position? Let's look at just a few:


  • FUN, spontaneous, flexible
  • Excellent team players
  • Generally have a great deal of common sense
  • Don't overthink too much, enjoy the pleasures of life
  • Energetic, make work fun
  • Bring a creative approach to everyday situations

Opportunities to Get Better:

  • Needs to be checked at times, are they promoting a 'job well done'?
  • Often don't consider big picture, long-term effects
  • Is 'fun' becoming a distraction at times? It very well could be...
  • Can easily be disheartened, sensitive to criticism
  • Not all 'red tape' is a bad thing. Remember that.

Famous ESFP Entrepreneur: Richard Branson


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ESFJ - The Nurturer

ESFJs (extroversion, sensing, feeling, judging) are typically labeled as 'good with people' who like to empower others, especially their own. They rely on the networks they have built over time through their general care for others. They are highly trusted but can easily fall victim to being taken advantage of.


  • Have no problem reaching out to others
  • Likely to be organized
  • Persistent
  • Works very well with others, brings out the creativity in others
  • Reads others well.... usually
  • Inspires change
  • Ready for results

Opportunities to Get Better:

  • Needs harmony in order to
  • Struggles with irrational people
  • Goals need to include others, struggle with self-fulfilling tasks or being 'selfish' when needed
  • Takes things personally
  • Can be impatient if they have put in effort and time

Famous ESFJ Entrepreneur: Andrew Carnegie, one of the richest people to ever live


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ENFP - The Explorer

ENFPs (extroversion, intuition, feeling, perceiving) are typically labeled as very confident by their peers. They are the first type of people that get called on to do a 'best man' speech, but, does that mean it carries over well into the business world? Their curiosity & innovative tendencies along with risk-taking nature certainly helps. As long as they are not bogged down with detail and information, an ENFP can go places being an entrepreneur.


  • Have no problem reaching out to others
  • Tends to be revered highly by others in social circles
  • LOVES possibilities for people, purpose, and profit
  • Warm, easy to approach
  • Improvises well
  • Great at building strong teams

Opportunities to Get Better:

  • Imaginative but sometimes to a fault
  • Tends to lose 'touch'  of vision & plan
  • Relies on harmony, conflict can be highly discouraging
  • Shows appreciation at times when not deserving
  • Needs constant interaction, gets bored if alone for long periods of time
  • When unable to improvise, needs a network or team to keep going

Famous ENFP Entrepreneur: Walt Disney


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ENTP - The Dreamer

ENTPs (extroversion, intuition, thinking, perceiving) are sometimes labelled as 'the perfect type' for entrepreneurial pursuits actually! If you're an entrepreneurial-minded ENTP, congrats to you! That being said, it's still good to be cognizant of what your strengths and weaknesses are as they relate to this pursuit. 



  • Excellent vision for success, innovation
  • Well-rounded; creative, outside-the-box thinker, creative problem solver
  • New, new, new: New challenges, people, location. You name it, ENTPs love new.
  • Enthusiastic
  • Strategic in their relationships with others
  • Natural leadership traits
  • Grasps difficult concepts & theories better than most

Opportunities to Get Better:

  • Very to-the-point (may come off as brash to some)
  • Needs more conceptual vs. details (could be a handicap if they pursue the wrong type of entrepreneurial path)
  • Need freedom (if they are required to work long hours it may dissuade them from their vision)
  • Not one to control people, if needed this may be an issue
  • Routine and detailed are not popular words in an ENTP dictionary

Famous ENTP Entrepreneur: Leonardo da Vinci, quite possibly the greatest inventor of all time


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ENFJ - The Provider

ENFJs (extroversion, intuition, feeling, judging) are going to bring their whole heart and soul into whatever they are doing. They are labeled as skillful communicators for their ability to put compassion, empathy, and tact into their speak.

 Generally, an ENFJ may be looking to find out how their role brings out the greater good in others or at least provides value, their 'Empath' trait tends to reign supreme over a profit first mentality. If an ENFJ cannot identify with a true purpose or core value of their pursuit, it will be hard to keep them engaged.


  • Builds well-connected, efficient networks and teams
  • Creatively try to help others and themselves
  • Well-balanced approach to problem-solving
  • Makes plans. Sticks to plans.
  • Naturally enthusiastic
  • Very comfortable with challenges, opportunities for growth and learning

Opportunities to Get Better:

  • Need to be shown appreciation quite often, or at least hear it
  • Not very effective working on an island
  • Understand not everyone will be as passionate and willing to collaborate as you
  • Needs to understand how to: Separate people based on their role/stakeholder position to business, not on personality or general liking of them
  • Needs a plan, will start to feel lost without one
  • Wears heart on their sleeve at times

Famous ENFJ Entrepreneur: Oprah Winfrey


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Hopefully you've enjoyed this post and it's helped you identify most strongly with an extroverted type! Let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

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